Playing Golf means enjoying Golf!

Playing Golf means enjoying Golf!

You do not know it yet, but you will get hooked.

By that I mean that you will be fascinated by golf and wanting to spend hour after hour on the golf course.

Just now, you do not know why. But trust me.

To tell you what it is all about, let me quote a letter from Paul Cocco to the editor of "Golf Australia" in November 2003:

"In reference to Mike Clayton's article '20 Things That Are Good About Golf': I thought I would share what I believe is the best thing about golf for me - Thursday mornings. Why? Because it's the first time during my 50 hours of work a week that I get a butterflies-in-the-stomach anxiety and an excited feeling that I'm only 72-hours away from teeing off."

To which the editors wrote:
(We can all relate to that Paul.)